Florida Pole Fitness Championship 2012

I competed in my very first competition, the Florida Pole Fitness Championship, last spring in Orlando! It was only 11 months after my first pole class, so I was in the amateur division, and I definitely knew nothing about competing beforehand. Almost exclusively, I watched Alethea Austin and Karol Helms videos, so I assumed everyone wore heels in competitions. That combined with my love of heels led me to naturally put together a routine wearing heels. I chose a super fun Miley Cyrus song, and decided to smile and dance my way through it. Since I was just in the amateur division, I only had to use one pole, which I did. Looking back, I wish I’d used both! I really skimped on the 20 second floorwork requirement, too, and it’s kind of embarrassing to watch back.  Hey, at least I had fun!

I had an absolute blast, and while I didn’t place, I got great feedback from the judges (including Karol Helms herself!).

Steven Retchless! I saw him on America’s Got Talent last summer!
Karol is so sweet!

And now for the video: I think it’s pretty obvious I was having a blast on that stage!

Pursuit of Happiness – Kid Cudi

I put this routine together early spring 2012 but only recently recorded it. I’m apparently horrible at writing down descriptions of moves, because I couldn’t figure out what I was doing half the time, and I hadn’t written down any choreography for the end of the routine, so I ended up free-styling quite a bit. I like the song and I think I might work more with it in the future because this choreography is a little boring. Feel free to leave suggestions in the comments!

Animal I Have Become – Three Days’ Grace

I really needed to do something different from the pop/hip-hop songs I had been doing. And look, no windshield wipers! And no sexy walking to the pole for 8 counts at the beginning! This was the first time running through the routine so I know there are some mistakes. Also, I free-styled from about 2:15 to the end of the song, so some of that will definitely change before I teach it in class. Hopefully I’ll be able to add a video of the class performing it as well because I think it’ll look good with a group of girls doing it in sync. The butterfly leg body rolls will be a challenge, I think, especially when we reverse them the second time through.