Florida Pole Fitness Championship Submission

I submitted this video as an audition for the professional division of the Florida Pole Fitness Championship and just found out on the 23rd that I was selected as a competitor. I had actually been very sick and in bed for 36 hours before filming this routine and had only been out of bed for 2 hours, so I was definitely weaker than I normally am. Hopefully I can control more of my moves and not fall out of them like I did in this video. I’m extremely excited to be competing in March!

Animal I Have Become – Three Days’ Grace (take 3)

I ended up teaching another routine class unexpectedly and I had all different girls in my class, so I taught the Three Days’ Grace routine again. These are all intermediate/advanced girls so they caught on a little better than the first class I taught this routine to, which was full of beginners. We weren’t even going to record it until we realized we were all inadvertently matching in black and hot pink, so of course we had to record it. :)

Radioactive – Imagine Dragons

I LOVE this song. I did my Florida Pole Fitness Championship submission routine to Radioactive and I taught a routine class the same night that I didn’t have anything choreographed for so I made it up as I went along. The best part was I choreographed the first part without any music in mind, realized the only song I had downloaded on my phone was Radioactive and I’d forgotten my iPod, so Radioactive it was! We went through the first half a couple of times, then I paused the music, made up the second half, and hoped it would work with the music. It was perfect! I didn’t have to add or take away any choreography at all, even without putting the routine together with the music playing. I was pretty proud of myself. And, of course, the girls who learned the whole thing on the fly and produced a beautiful routine by the end of class!