Your Touch – Blake Lewis (take 2)

I’m still obsessed with this song, so I put something else together to it today for my pole performance class. I’m interested to compare and contrast the two routines to see how similar they are. Today we worked on trying to end up in the correct directions for the angle to be right when considering an audience. There’s quite a way to go in that area, but we’re working on it! After the choreography was completed, Ashley and I just free-styled for a little, which made me realize that I want to do more free-styling in class and record it so we can see what we come up with. You never know!

Give Us a Little Love – Fallulah

I watch a LOT of pole videos on YouTube. I’ve watched every single one from the 2012 USPDF championships and I use Pinterest to keep track of what moves I want to learn (pin a video, and in the caption section, put what time in the video the move you want to learn is). I’m learning more about what I like and do not like in terms of style, dance, and musicality, and I’ve found some great new songs that I enjoy dancing to.

My absolute favorite piece of music from the 2012 USPDF competition is Fallulah’s Give Us a Little Love, which Tracee Kafer performed to. I really enjoyed her performance and how well she danced to the music. Sometimes I feel like the performers are going through a routine they have while music happens to play, instead of actually performing to the music. Again, I love this music and I want to put together a full routine to it with more floor and dance elements, but here’s a choreographed-on-the-spot version. Again, I put together the routine without having the music playing, so not everything lines up perfectly, but I think this one goes better with the song than the last routine I did. Let me know what you think!

Your Touch – Blake Lewis

I heard this song on an Internet Explorer commercial and had to listen more. I’m completely obsessed with this song (I definitely go through periods where I’m obsessed with only one song at a time. Sorry students!) and I had to do a routine to it. I made up the choreography as I taught it and without the music playing, so the moves are not exactly in time with what the music is doing, but I still think it worked out pretty well. I LOVE putting routines together and I really want to create an awesome one to this song in its entirety.

Florida Pole Fitness Championships 2013

On March 3, 2013, I was honored to compete in the Florida Pole Fitness Championships in the Professional division. I didn’t put on the best performance of my life, but I’m glad I had the opportunity and I always have fun no matter what. I talked to several judges afterwards and was told that I had beautiful lines and extensions, but that my face, emotion, and performance aspects of the routine needed more work. I will always take constructive criticism, so I definitely know what I need to work on.