Back to Black – Beyonce ft. Andre 3000

I put together this routine and recorded it for a student who wanted to practice it at home, but didn’t want to be filmed doing it. It’s a simple routine consisting of just one sequence performed through on each side: always a good thing to work the same move on both sides! A LOT of my routines consist of the same moves in different combinations because there are specific moves on the Pole .5 checklist that I am constrained to teaching. Sometimes having constraints makes me work harder to come up with something new!

International Pole Convention 2013 Performance

I was lucky enough to get the chance to perform at the International Pole Convention held in West Palm Beach June 7-9. I received the line-up quite early on and knew I was going to go after Natasha Wang, who I know generally performs beautiful and dramatic pieces. I have nothing against that kind of performance – Natasha always has beautiful routines – but I didn’t want to do anything similar. It’s not really my personal style and since I am not even close to the same league as Natasha, I didn’t want to have a performance that could be compared to her in any way. So I picked a fun song, and since I didn’t really have time to choreograph anything due to group performance practices and teaching, I ended up free-styling. It’s not the best performance ever, but I had fun and it was different from everyone else’s. You can’t go wrong with sequins, rhinestones, and heels!

Skin – Rihanna

In my last poleography class I asked my students if they wanted a fast or a slow song: 3 out of 4 wanted slow, and one of them suggested this song. I made up the choreography on the fly and wanted to work on full executing each movement. This class has mostly beginner students who are still working on climbs and sits. I definitely find that I repeat a lot of the same moves: I need to switch things up and get out of my comfort zone!