Bringing Sexy Back Week 2013

I really wish I’d had more time and put more thought into this routine: as it was, I free-styled the whole thing and I’m not a huge fan of how it turned out. Next year, I plan on putting a lot more effort into and really making my BSBW submission something amazing. When I watch this routine, I notice a few things: there isn’t any flow or reason for why I’m going from one move to the next; there’s no emotion; I stay centered and focused around the pole, even when I’m on the floor; I never reach full extension in a phrase of music; and I don’t have many combinations or pole passes, just random tricks. I know it isn’t horrible, but I know I can do better!

Bringing Sexy Back Week – Bittersweet’s Evening Class

I put together another routine for UPA’s Bringing Sexy Back Week 2013: this time I had about half an hour before class to compose a routine rather than just making it up during class as I went. I actually love this routine and have taught it a couple of times since then. It’s both fierce and soft and there’s a lot of character you can put into the moves. I like when I don’t stick to just the list of pole moves we all know and reach for some more “dance” shapes and movements. The evening classes at Bittersweet are much more populous than the morning ones: both small and large classes present different challenges to me as an instructor. While I enjoy just one or two in a class to work one-on-one with students, it’s so much fun to see in larger classes how the same routine is interpreted by different people.

I first heard this song onĀ this AMAZING video of Sergia Louise Anderson, Mary Ashton Kolacinski and Katherine Vorhees at the LA Pole Show in January and was immediately obsessed. They redid the routine for Pole Art just a few weeks ago and I was blown away all over again!