Imagine – A Perfect Circle: 1st Anniversary Performance

I put together this routine for Bittersweet Studios‘ first anniversary party. I want to work on it, improve it, and modify it to submit for entry to the Florida Pole Fitness Championship, but it has quite a ways to go before it’s ready for that. A spin or two is necessary, for starters. :)

It’s not my favorite routine ever, but I don’t hate it. I need more stuff going on: I get kind of bored watching it, and it’s my routine! If I’m bored watching myself (my favorite person to watch, if I’m being honest), I’m sure other people have got to be bored. At least those who know pole probably are. I need more emotion, variation, and pizzazz! Definitely stuff to improve before I submit to the FPFC.

Drop Dead Beautiful – Britney Spears ft. Sabi Week 2

We worked on the routine from last week again this week and switched up part of it: the invert really did not flow with the rest of the routine, so we scrapped it and put in a more simple movement combination, which I liked MUCH better. We also were able to turn and face the camera for a video, so we weren’t watching ourselves in the mirror and could work on audience engagement. Such a fun, fast-paced routine! I think I’ll slow it down for some rock next week, but we’ll see!

Drop Dead Beautiful – Britney Spears ft. Sabi Week 1

I taught this routine last week on November 11, but because it was so quick and involves a couple of more advanced moves, I was asked to teach it again this week. Here’s last week’s video, and hopefully we’ll get it polished and pretty tomorrow night! I’ll also try to get it recorded from the front, though it’s hard on dancers to turn around after having learned a routine facing one direction.

I Must Not Chase the Boys – Play

Two weeks ago I didn’t have time to put together a routine, so for poleography class we learned a couple different combinations and then “performed” them to whatever my iPod, set on shuffle, happened to play. Considering I have classical, French, rap, rock, Broadway musical, and high school marching band music on my iPod, it made for an interesting class! It’s always good to interpret the same moves differently to different music though.

This week I put together a routine to the same song that I performed to for my very first pole routine ever. It’s cringeworthy to watch, but a good reminder of how far I’ve come (and how much muscle I’ve built!). It’s at the bottom of the post if you’re curious, but it’s really quite bad. I performed it in July 2011 after taking my first pole class in April 2011.

Here’s my class this past week, doing a great job on some more difficult moves I threw in for them. I need to mix it up though: I think this week I’ll have to do something more exciting!

And my very first routine I ever choreographed or performed for anyone: