Relax My Beloved – Alex Clare

Oh goodness, this class. I felt the need to include some more actual dancing into my routines and wanted to break out of the stuck-to-the-pole dancing I’m used to. So what do I do? I search YouTube for an easy contemporary dance routine and find this. Then I attempt to teach it to myself so I can teach my class. I didn’t do the whole routine, but took about half of it, with varying degrees of success. I made sure to tell my students that I found the routine online, so no one thought I was creative enough to come up with it myself! I would love to take a contemporary or lyrical dance class, but it’s a bit hard to find adult dance classes around here. There’s one I know of, but I’ve taken it before and got completely lost (it’s with a modern dance company and for the members, but it’s open to the public. I’ve been the only “public” there on the 2 occasions I attended.), so I haven’t been back. I need a real beginner class!

I did like some of the different movements and shapes of this little routine, but felt so much more comfortable when it came time to actually touch the pole. Hopefully I keep forcing myself to try new things though: it’s the only way to grow!

One More Night – Maroon 5

I put this routine together in September 2012, but I think it’s fun and I didn’t have a chance to put something together for this week, so I revisited it. None of the same people were in my class, and they’re used to a little bit different style from me, so this was simple and fun. I also had them freestyle to the end of the song, which is a good thing to practice. I might have to focus on “suggested freestyle” some more. By “suggested”, I mean coming up with some moves, shapes, or body parts to focus on and freestyling while keeping those in mind. Maybe tomorrow in the pole performance class!

See the first rendition of this routine HERE!

Back to Black Pole Performance

I put together a routine or two to this song several months ago (HERE and HERE), but I love it so much I had to come back to it! I taught a Pole Performance class this past weekend, which differs from Poleography mostly in that I teach short combinations and we put it with different kinds of music to interpret it in varying ways with varying emotions instead of doing a whole routine to one song. I started with a short little combo that we performed as angry to a couple different rock songs and as seductive to at least one other song before Back to Black popped into my head. Once we had done it with Back to Black, we wanted to keep building on it. The first 1:30 was choreographed, then we freestyled to the end. I really enjoyed this class and hope my students did too!

As Long as You Love Me – Justin Bieber ft. Big Sean

I first put this routine together more than a year ago (watch it HERE!) at the first studio I taught at, the now defunct VIP Women’s Dance. I really enjoy the simpler, countable dance-y routines, so I thought I’d bring it back for a completely new group of students. Plus, I’d never done any chair dance Bittersweet, and I figured it was time. We had fun with this one, especially since VIP had unique, slow-spinning poles. Not quite static, not quite spinning. I didn’t want to spin too much if we were going to try to stand back on the chairs, so we put the poles on static and tried to make two rotations before standing. We were successful for the most part!

Disturbed – Down With the Sickness

I love Australian pole dancing. They focus on all the fun parts of pole: the hair whips, crazy heels, crazy long legwork, insane costumes, unbelievable flexibility. Every Australian always looks like she is having fun performing or competing and I LOVE watching them! I bought the Miss Pole Dance Australia 2014 video and have been watching it in bits and pieces over the past few days to draw out the amazingness. So many new things for me to try!

The first Australian pole dance I saw was the opening number to Miss Pole Dance Australia 2012. I’ve watched it several times a month since I found it about 2 years ago and it never ceases to blow my mind. Check it out:

No one can deny that it is almost impossible to tear your eyes away from that performance. I know I’m nowhere near as flexible as those girls are, but I wanted to get some of that flavor and floorwork in a class routine. I had a couple songs in mind, but I ended up choosing the same music. It just works so well! We worked on this routine for two weeks, getting the shoulder rolls down and figuring out which way our legs were going. I think it turned out awesome!