Every Breath You Take (Minor Key) – Chase Holfelder

I found this version of the song on a random website and immediately knew I had to do a routine to it! It’s so incredibly creepy and awesome, and it’s perfect for practicing facial expressions and all those little things that make a pole performance exciting, not just the actual moves. We tried to work on eye contact, little hand movements, and facial expressions to convey our creepy stalkerishness. Super fun!

I already have some of next week’s routine down, and I’m super excited for it! Heels, here we come!

Fix You – Coldplay

Even though I had teenage girls in my class and didn’t want to do a hip-thrusting, body-rolling routine, I was feeling the need to shake it up a little, so I went for socks! I love being able to slide around the floor and glide into positions, so this was super fun. I feel like this is a pretty typical pole dance song, but I hadn’t done anything yet to it and decided it was time. I don’t listen to music like this (in fact, this was the first Coldplay song I downloaded, and it was specifically for this routine!) but I enjoy moving to it every now and then. I wanted to focus on rolls and changing directions in them, so even though it’s not very smooth at all times, that’s what I worked on in this routine.

Siren’s Call – Epic Score

I used this music for my National Aerial Pole Art routine back in May, but I still love it. The key to picking music for a routine is to find something you won’t get sick of hearing, even after listening to it on repeat during three hour long practices. So far, there aren’t any songs that I hate after having performed to them! Hopefully I can keep that up.

I was inspired by last week’s more intense music, and I had this piece in my iTunes already, so I decided to see what I could do with it. I’ve been having some younger girls in my classes recently, so I’ve been steering away from sexier routines and trying to gear it more towards dramatic and contemporary movement. I miss my heels though, so I think I’m going to alternate weeks with barefoot/contemporary and heels/sexy. I’m excited!

I like this routine because there’s some different floor movement in it and we go up on the pole, which I rarely do. I have such a range of levels in this class and sometimes have students who haven’t learned any climbs or sits yet, so I try to keep it accessible to everyone. I do love the feeling of climbing and flying high on the pole though!

Sand – Nathan Lanier

Sometimes breaking out of your comfort zone can be a very, very good thing. I first heard this song on So You Think You Can Dance, during the absolutely mind-blowing top ten guys’ routine. I recently heard it again in Prana’s absolutely beautiful winning French Pole Dance Championship routine. I was super inspired by that routine and felt called to move to the music, so I did. And it was one of the hardest routines for me to put together, ever. It took so much out of me because it’s so unnatural for me to move that way, but I ended up loving the result. The best part was everyone else in the class loved it too and I’ve had requests to add more to it! Someday when I’m feeling up to it again, I will. For now though, enjoy the short choreo we did do!

Habits (Stay High) – Tove Lo

I had a request for this song, I kept thinking about it, and I needed to choreograph a routine that wasn’t sexy, so I went with it. I really like how it turned out! The part after we climbed was had two choices: one beginner, and one more intermediate level since the class is very mixed. This song ended up being great for choreography and I LOVED having a full class! (Not everyone wanted to be filmed, understandably, but including me, all 12 poles were in use!)