Everybody Wants to Rule the World – Lorde

I first did this routine back in February of 2014, but since I was exhausted after competing at the Florida Pole Fitness Championships and my creative stores were depleted, I figured it would be fine to go back to an old one. I did make a few changes this time around: I changed a few angles and moves, made it a little sexier this time around, and added heels, mostly because I’m practicing for the classique division at Pole Theatre! Again, until 1:50 is choreographed and then we freestyled to the end. I love freestyling and I need to do it more often!

Revolution – Diplo ft. Faustix & Imanos and Kai

I worked on this routine together the day after Miss Pole Dance America, and I was SO inspired. If you didn’t get a chance to watch the livestream, make sure you see the videos when they come out! The performances were AMAZING and I have so many ideas and new things I want to try. The girls had such incredible themes, from Dexter to Britney Spears to Marie Antoinette. My favorite performances of the night were the incomparably flexy Sarah Jade, Allison Sipes (she was Marie Antoinette!), and Claudia Renee, who had the Dexter theme.

Right around this same time, Olga Koda posted this video, and I could not wait to learn it.

I am so thankful for technology: YouTube has a feature that lets you change the speed on videos, so I put this one at half-speed and learned the choreography. Once I thought I had it down I put it back to normal speed and I ended up super behind! I still don’t know how she did some of those moves so quickly, even though it doesn’t look all that fast. I added a little bit to the beginning and the end, but the vast majority of this routine is owed to the absolutely incredible Olga Koda. I’d love to take class with her one day!

Breathe Me – Sia

This is such a lovely song and I needed some soft and emotional music to dance to after so much practice for the Florida Pole Fitness Championship, where my song was pretty hard-hitting. This class was two weeks before the competition and I didn’t have the brainpower to put anything spectacular together, but I like the flow. The first 1:27 is choreographed, and then from the layback to the end we freestyled. I threw in a new move that I’m not totally comfortable with yet, but freestyling is such a great place to try new moves and transitions to see what works and what doesn’t!


Burnin’ Up – Jessie J

Time for another sexy dance routine! This song is like three different songs in one: the beginning is almost twangy and country sounding. Then there’s the upbeat pop-y chorus and halfway through the song there’s a rap part. All kinds of fun!

This is not one of my favorite choreographies: for some reason, this song just didn’t particularly inspire me at this moment in time. It was still fun, but it’s not anything great. I have a few new sexy songs I’ve found recently that I’m excited to explore, but first, next week I’m looking forward to a more heartfelt song. It’s been difficult recently to choreograph for poleography class and my Florida Pole Fitness Championship routine (two weeks from today!!), not to mention thinking about my Pole Theatre routine! It’s a challenge, but it’s good for me. :)

Work Song – Hozier

I didn’t have the time to put together a routine for this night, and I really needed some time to just explore movements. This song is great for working on hitting sharp beats and moving softly in between, which is what we were focusing on, especially at the beginning of the song. I’m not super proud of any particular movement in here: in fact, some of it is pretty darn awkward. However, I felt better after having some unrestricted dance time, so overall it was a good night! Just take a look at the cover photo: we’re all feeling the music in very different shapes, but it’s so fun to see how people interpret the same song differently.