Worth It – Fifth Harmony

This was so much fun! I didn’t think I’d have the time or energy to put something together after Pole Theatre (post coming for that soon, I promise!), but I had about an hour before class started and came up with this routine. It’s always more fun with a bigger class, and of course Paul (of clarinet pole dancing fame) brings extra attitude to any routine. Invariably, anytime he’s in one of my videos, any comment I get is about him, even if he’s in the very back! He just boggles people’s minds with his pole dancing ability, I guess. :)

This is just some fun booty-shaking, nothing emotional or dramatic here!

Skating to Flicker Beat – Lorde

I apologize again for the blurry video! I promise I figured it out for next week’s!

I already did a full routine to this song, but it was a week before competing in Pole Theatre and I just wasn’t up for putting together a new routine! Instead, I came up with a theme – skating/dragging – and put together 6 different spins that incorporated at least one body part skimming the floor: fingers, toes, or hair. I’m always inspired by Tracee Kafer and her various freestyle challenges, so I’m doing the skating one late! I counted 5 of the 6 different spins we learned in this video, but I can’t think of what the other one was! It was nice to be able to interpret the same moves and song differently and not have to worry about staying in sync with other people. I like seeing how we each hit different beats and when one person went in and small, others went out and big! It’s fun to acknowledge those differences.

Numb – Nick Jonas

I heard this song playing on my husband’s Pandora one day while he was taking a shower. I ran into the bathroom to look at his phone to find out what it was, because I knew I had to do a routine to it! Apparently I’m a Nick Jonas fan now – who knew?

I had tons of fun with this routine, as you can tell by the smile I can’t contain when the body rolls start. I really like playing with low floor to pole transitions like the straddle in this routine. Definitely something I want to spend more time working on!

I’m sorry the video’s blurry: I didn’t realize it was out of focus.  :(

Florida Pole Fitness Championship 2015

On April 25th I competed in the 4th Annual Florida Pole Fitness Championships for the fourth time! Yep, I’ve competed every year since the competition’s inception. I’ve never placed though (and I don’t think I’m moving up the ranks either), so I’m not sure this is the competition for me.

I didn’t have the best run-through, but it wasn’t the worst either. One of my angles was severely off: instead of being to the side for the audience, it was a straight crotch-shot in a split! Not what I wanted. I also fumbled a little in my floorwork, and the ending wasn’t very clean, but overall, I’m happy with my performance. The judges, however, were not: I scored pretty low and the only comment I got was that one of them didn’t love my song. Oh well, you can’t please everyone! I had fun practicing for this routine, and it was the first one I’ve ever had a prop in, which I’m still not sure was a good idea.

Overall though, it was a good experience, as have been all my Florida Pole competitions!