Bleeding Love – Leona Lewis

After several weeks of sexy routines, it was time for a more contemporary dance. This proved difficult for me: I don’t own any music that is soft and lyrical, which I discovered after going through my iTunes several times trying to find a song for this week. The closest I got was either classical music from ballets or rock like Anberlin. I went to YouTube and just started searching around, then came across this song. I do know it well since I was lifeguarding at a pool the summer it came out and therefore heard it every ten minutes on the radio. I downloaded it and got to work. I wasn’t feeling inspired at all, and was very close to just making it a freestyle, but I didn’t end up hating the end result. The choreo is not anything special or memorable, but it was enjoyable for the evening.

Got It – Marian Hill

I’ve loved this song for several months now, but only recently decided to do a routine to it. It’s super cute and fun, and I wanted something girly and sexy to teach at Lotus Fitness Studio‘s Pole Camp last weekend since I know the regular poleography instructor there usually does more dramatic and intense routines and I wanted to teach them something different. I was watching tons of Eva Bembo videos before I put this together, so there’s lots of inspiration from her! It’s been fun to do sexy routines, but I think I have to get back to some dramatic ones in the upcoming weeks. Not everyone loves the sexy as much as I do!

I Know – Big Sean Short Freestyle

I’m obsessed with this song. I got to take a class with Allison Sipes last week when I was in Orlando for a work training, and she played this song for us to freestyle to at the end of class. I haven’t stopped listening to it since! I didn’t have a chance to choreograph anything for this week’s poleography class because I’m working hard on my Nationals routine, plus I’m performing and teaching two workshops this weekend in Orlando, so I’ve had a lot of things to put together! I did watch several Eva Bembo videos because she is the queen of sexy pole to floor work and learned a couple new moves I wanted to try. I ended up creating a few new (to me) things myself, like the shoulder roll leg develop thing. I love those types of leg movements and want to work on making them look smoother! This is just a little clip of some of the rolling around on the floor I did. I’ll have a full routine choreographed for next week!

Exes and Ohs – Elle King

I always have a hard time finding new music, like I’ve said before. Thankfully, one of my friends messaged me with two songs she liked to see what I could do with them for poleography class. One of them I love so much I’m going to use it for my Bringing Sexy Back video if I can find time in the studio to make it! This is the other one. I wasn’t a fan at first, but the more I listened to it, the more I liked it. This class was the first day of United Pole Artists’ Bringing Sexy Back time period (not week… fortnight?), so I went pretty sexy with it (I LOVE the butt grabs!). It’s funny: the first day I worked on this routine I was completely uninspired and hated it, and then the second day it went much more smoothly but I still felt like it was just going to be one of those routines, nothing special but it got the job done. Then in class, it turned into something pretty awesome! I guess that’s the difference between dancing alone and with a group.  :)

Wedding Video

I just realized I totally forgot to post this when I got it! I’ll just say I’m posting it in honor of the 2nd anniversary of our engagement, which is July 7th.  Justin (well, mostly Justin’s best friend and his wife, who make up GatorBride Video), surprised me with it for Christmas. It’s such an incredible video and makes me so happy, reminding me of our awesome wedding day. My favorite part is still in the outtakes at the end: “Hi turtle!”

This is Your Life – Switchfoot

I was looking for music – as I feel I am constantly doing – and just going through my iTunes library when this song popped up. I really like the beginning, so I decided to go with it. It ended up being more difficult to choreograph than I originally thought, but oh well! This won’t be remembered as one of my favorite routines, but there are some nice things in it. I like the forward roll that starts with a caught foot so that it comes out as you roll. I might do some more playing with that move. Right now though, my priority is working on my PSO nationals routine! I had a very disappointing day earlier this week when I thought I had 1:10 done (almost 1/3 of my routine!), but when I watched the video, I hated every single part of it. I’m starting back at square one, but I think I have some ideas. Static pole is so much harder for me than spin pole, so I get so frustrated trying to come up with passes on it. Unfortunately, I can’t spend all my time on the spin pole!