The Second Notebook

I finished the first notebook over a year ago, and I recently filled up my second notebook! These notebooks are priceless to me since they contain every routine I’ve ever done, whether it was for poleography class (the vast majority), a competition, or a showcase. Sometimes I write notes in there – ideas for routines, combinations I want to try, wise morsels from instructors in workshops (Sergia, I’m looking at you!).

There are some very specific requirements for my pole notebooks. They must have a hard cover that will keep the pages safe and unbent. They must be spiral-bound, able to lay flat, and easily opened (sometimes covers get stuck in the spirals and don’t smoothly open all the way around to the back). They must be in a neutral color (the first one was mostly white with some gray and black designs, the second one was silver metal, and my new one is white, gray, and black patterned) because I want it to hold every single kind of emotion, not just a few. A hot pink glittery notebook is awesome, but it would feel weird to write an emotionally charged, heartfelt routine about abuse in it (that was the theme of my PSO nationals routine!) And finally, after filling this notebook, I wanted one that was slightly bigger so I could write more on each page.

The very first routine in the second notebook was a fun one (and that metal cover did keep the pages safer than my first notebook!):


Most of my notebook is full of poleography class routines, like this one about halfway through, where I had some ideas that didn’t end up working:


While the vast majority of the notebook is poleography routines, I  did write some competition routines in there as well. In my last post I wrote, “I hope a winning routine graces its lines in the coming years!” Well, just a few short months after that post, I won my very first competition! This is what the routine looks like in that notebook:seaacI don’t even know what some of that is, especially the 2nd page! Because I run competition routines so much and I change little things so frequently, I rarely end up writing out the whole routine. I start out with ideas, combos, and passes, but then it grows from there and I don’t write down every new idea or change, especially because I don’t need the memory jog since I’m running it so often.

I did, however, write out a lot more of my Florida Pole Fitness Championship routine:firstfpfcthoughts

fpfc2015 ideasfirst ideas for fpfcfpfc2015I love seeing the first one, undated, with just a few ideas, then how over the course of just 5 days, it all grew and changed. We also did a group routine, so I was writing out ideas for my doubles pole pass.

I’m so proud of all the half-finished ideas, class routines that weren’t great, competition routines that I placed horribly with, as well as the successful competition ideas and the unexpectedly fun routines that this notebook holds. I’m a few routines into my third notebook already, but this is what it looked like when it was brand-new and had no idea what was in store for it. I can’t wait to look back and see what magic happens in its pages!

Unlimited potential.


Scream My Name – Tove Lo

I did this routine earlier this year, but I was out of town all weekend and didn’t have time to put anything together for this class, so I revisited it. Even with my video from January and my notebook with the routine written down, I still had a hard time getting my body to remember all the direction changes! I still love this song and I love how I can’t contain my grin when the music changes at :45! I really love walking purposefully into a step-around and I’m kind of proud of my outside-the-box thinking  with the thread-through swing around into a back hook (however small that is, I have a hard time coming up with new things on my own).

The next few weeks we’ll be learning a chair and floor routine for Bittersweet Studios‘ third anniversary showcase, so the blog won’t be updated with a new routine until after then. I have a few things planned though, so don’t stay away!


Hold Me Down – Halsey

This routine was put together quickly in an afternoon the day after a very busy weekend! Alloy Images was in town and we did an instructor photoshoot for almost 4 hours on Saturday morning, then I had an hour private shoot with them on Saturday afternoon. I was exhausted after that full day, but then I did it all over again on Sunday with a 4 hour Releve group photoshoot! It was amazing to work with Alloy and I canNOT wait to see the results! I’m hoping for some fantastic group shots and this is my first individual photoshoot in the 4.5 years I’ve been poling, so I’m super excited to see what came out of it.

I was too tired to put anything together on Sunday evening, so this was created in about an hour on Monday afternoon after school and before teaching class. I hate leaving routines to the last minute like that, but sometimes my favorite ones come out of the crunch time! I really liked this one, mostly because I am in love with this song. :) It was also great having Iris of Alloy Images in class – it’s almost always the same people so having a new face made it feel a little more special. Thanks to Joe of Alloy Images for recording this routine on my phone! (My camera broke, and I’m dying without it. Hopefully it’ll be back up and running again soon.)


Piece of Me – Britney Spears

Apparently I’m in a Britney Spears mood, since just two weeks ago I did another Unusual You. She’s just so perfect for girly, sexy, fun songs, which is exactly what I was looking for when I started searching for music for this week’s routine. I’d already told my students we were going to do a fun sexy routine (instead of an intense sexy one like last week) and that we would be wearing pink, so I had to find a song to fit that style. I tried out a couple other songs, but I ended up coming back to Britney.

For some reason, I had a really hard time choreographing this one: my brain just didn’t want to work, and I kept running into walls. Finally, I gave up and said, “Screw it, we’re going to come together as a group and walk!” I wasn’t sure how it would actually work out in practice, but it worked in my head, so I gave it a chance. Thankfully, I really like how it turned out! I love how everyone wore pink bottoms, and we practiced different ways of walking in heels before running through the routine to make sure we were stable. It didn’t hurt that we were holding onto each other, too. :)

The Hills – The Weeknd

This song is all over the radio, and I knew I would eventually have to do a routine to it! I loved seeing Allison Sipes’s routine to it a few months ago, and every time I hear it, it gets stuck in my head for hours. A few students brought it up as a potential song for poleography, and after last night’s more contemporary routine, I decided to go ahead and get super sexy for this week. It’s definitely one of the sexiest routines I’ve ever done, but it was incredibly fun!

One of my favorite things about pole is being able to explore all different styles of movement, from dramatic, to graceful, to contemporary, to strong, to sensual. I love them all! Some days I’m in the mood to fight it out and throw some tricks, some days I really want to just close my eyes and move, some days I need to spin and leap, and some days, all I want to do is body roll. I have so many facets, and I want to explore and give equal outlet to all of them.