Paint It Black – Ciara

The second I heard this song, I knew I’d have to do a poleography routine to it! It’s so sexy, and it reminds me of Beyonce’s version of Back to Black from the Great Gatsby soundtrack, which I’m also obsessed with (and apparently performed three times!). This song has such fun sounds and moments and I already have visions of a crazy intense show piece with this music, but I need to have a very special venue for it! I really love the sexy routines and wish I had more of an outlet to compete and perform in those. I do like the sportier and more artistic competitions, but my heart is really in the showgirl aspect of pole and I feel like I can really dance and perform more in that style.

That being said, I’m kind of excited about the heartfelt and emotional song I’m working on for next week…

Addicted – Kelly Clarkson

I was eager to get back to creating some new choreography after two weeks in a row practicing for the showcase, but the Monday night after the showcase, everyone cancelled! I think they were all worn out from the weekend. :) I’d already had this one choreographed, so we did it the following week. I really like it, especially because I pushed myself to work on some movement that doesn’t come naturally to me: the more dance-y stuff away from the pole at the beginning and really trying to move to the music, not just the beats. I need to focus on all the music, including what I call “the openings” of sound and dance through those instead of just stepping or moving on a downbeat. I’m pretty happy to look back through all my videos and see how my choreography skills are progressing and I can’t wait to look back at this one to see how much I’ve improved in the future!

Bittersweet Studios 3 Year Anniversary

I can’t believe that it’s been 3 years since Bittersweet Studios opened! I was there for the beginning, and so much has changed since then. Two more locations are in the works, and the studio has grown in students and instructors. I had the chance to put together two routines for the showcase party we had to celebrate 3 years in business: one group chair routine and a pole solo. I’m so glad I got to do a group routine since I love both participating in them and watching them, and it’s so fun to be able to dance with your friends! I wanted anyone to be able to do it with me, so I made it relatively simple, but it ended up being mostly my regular poleography students. It was SO much fun!

I also somehow put together a solo pole routine in two weeks! I started working on it the evening of October 25th and practiced it three more times before the night of the showcase, so I’m pretty proud of how it turned out! I’m super in love with the ending pose, an upward-facing pegasus, but I feel like it might be time to move on to more moves. We’ll see…

All in all, it was a great night and I’m so excited to see all the new talent develop! The spring showcase is going to be mind-blowing if this one is any indication!