Superman – Santigold

This song is so much fun! As always, I try to alternate weeks with contemporary routines and sexy routines, though it’s no secret that I prefer the sexy ones! I love heels and body rolls and all things sparkly, and dramatic emotional routines don’t lend themselves to glitter very well. 😀

This was a pretty simple routine, choreography-wise, but I wanted to focus on hitting all the little beats and notes, and I think I mostly accomplished that. I already have a song in mind for next week, and then I had a request for a Christmas song! I can’t believe 2015 is almost over…

The Morning After – Meg Myers

I really like Meg Myers’ songs: my first exposure to her music was Maggie Ann’s amazing APC routine last year and I immediately created a Meg Myers Pandora station. Several of my routines have come from songs I heard on that station, including my PSO nationals routine! I actually had this song playing in one of my Instagram videos, and I was watching the video when I realized I really liked the song and wanted to see what I could come up with for it. I’m pretty proud of the amount of dancing I have in this one: I’m working on my choreography skills, and I want so badly to improve the actual dance part of routines, not just the moves and the tricks.

YouTube blocked this video immediately due to music copyright claims, so this got to join the few other videos on my Vimeo account!