Do You Remember – Jerryd James

I don’t remember where I found this song – probably just browsing through YouTube one day – but I’ve had it playing regularly for the past several months and I’m still not sick of it. I really like all the little syncopated beats and pauses that make music interesting. I really struggled teaching this because I’d put together the routine two weeks prior and hadn’t had much of a chance to review it before teaching it, so I had to refer to my trusty notebook a LOT during class.

Unfortunately, this was my last poleography class at Bittersweet Studios in Jacksonville because we just opened a second location in Palm Coast! I live in Palm Coast, so I am heading it up the classes down here. Right now we don’t have many experienced students since this is the first studio in the area, but I do hope to have a poleography class here soon! I’m already stockpiling songs to choreograph to, even if I have to tone it down a bit for more beginner-level students. I’m excited to see how Bittersweet Studios PC grows!