Free Dancing 3-31-16

Inspired by both Aerial Amy and Tracee Kafer, I put on some songs I’d never heard before and just went for it. Nothing wonderful or transportive came out of it, but it felt SO GOOD to just keep going and dance for an entire song, especially songs that I didn’t know beforehand. Usually I find a new song I like and listen to it on repeat obsessively in the car, then pole to it after I know every tiny little nuance and when the beats hit. I’m late on some beats and early on others in these videos, but it’s so good for me to not be “on” all the time. I definitely want to do more of this free dancing stuff!

This song was the first one I put on after getting to the studio and strapping on my heels. I hadn’t stretched or warmed up in any way before this, but by the end, I was quite warm! I see a lot of hesitation and repetition here.

Immediately after watching back the Miley Cyrus video, I felt the need to keep going and try another song. I found these songs on Amy’s March playlist and had only listened to the first 10 seconds or so when I chose to use them for this activity. I love this song and the weird undercurrent that reminds me of the creepy boat scene in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory! Since I hadn’t listened to the song before, I didn’t know when it was going to end and didn’t realize until a few seconds until it started playing again that it was on repeat! I had more fun with this song since I was willing to let go more and get into some strange and uncomfortable situations (like that trapped leg roll thing at 2:55). Overall, I want to keep pushing myself to try new things and not try to “perform” as much when I’m just dancing for myself.

Beginner Pole Dance Routine 3-14-16

This is nothing special – it wasn’t even choreographed to a specific song, so it doesn’t quite work with the music – but I like putting together routines of the moves we’re working on in class. For one, I get super bored with doing the same moves over and over, no matter what level they are, and two, what’s the point in learning a move if you can’t combine it with others? I want my students to see how moves can work with others and start exploring their own ways to put together combinations. I also love synchronized group routines! I tend to watch those (as rare as they are in the pole world) more than individual performances. I’d love to see more group and/or class routines out there. :)