Too Close – Alex Clare

I heard this song on a commercial (or something on TV, anyway) recently and was reminded of how great a song it is. For some reason, I’d never done a routine to it before, so I decided to rectify that situation this week. :)

This was the first take – we normally do 2-3 so everyone can generally agree on which one was best – and I think I did better in the later ones, but my students preferred this one, so here it is. I got better at those weird bent leg sit-through things (HERE, at :31). I can’t decide if I hate them or love them, so I’m going to keep trying them out to see what happens.

Paradise Circus (Zeds Dead Remix) – Massive Attack

I love this song. This is the first song that somebody told me I had to listen to because it was a “perfect pole song”, and the first time I knew what a “perfect pole song” even meant. I don’t think I’ll ever get sick of this song.

I did choreograph to Paradise Circus once before (HERE), but it was several years ago and I really wanted to revisit it. I kept it pretty simple, but added in those cool little leg twizzles that Daniela, an instructor at Bittersweet Studios in Jacksonville, taught. I love them!

Under My Skin – Aesthetic Perfection

I had the great opportunity to judge several divisions at Pole Sport Organization‘s Southern Pole Championships this past weekend, and I watched as many of the divisions as I could. PSO competition weekends are long: they start at 8:00 AM on Saturday morning, last until about 10:00 that evening, then start again at 8:00 on Sunday morning, ending around 5:30. I arrived in Atlanta around 12:30 on Saturday and watched a division before judging two. I judged three on Sunday and watched several more in between, especially to cheer on some of my fellow Bittersweets! I love seeing all of the different styles, themes, and creative ideas that everyone came up with. There was definitely something unique and cool about every single routine I watched, from level 1 all the way up through professional. I expected to hear some songs several times, but there were only three songs that were just played twice throughout the weekend (that I heard anyway): Castle by Halsey, Til It Happens to You by Lady Gaga, and this song, Under My Skin by Aesthetic Perfection.

I had a song in mind for this week’s class, but I checked MindBody to see who had signed up and saw that I had a complete newbie taking the class, and the song I had in mind requires some pretty quick movements. I changed to another song, but then that one made me do more pole work, so… I ended with this one! I thought it was pretty slow and accessible, but my students still thought it was pretty fast and complicated. I never quite know what’s going to jive with my students and what’s not, but I keep trying!

A Pole Dance Revue at Orlando Fringe

On May 28th and 29th I got the chance to perform at the Orlando Fringe festival with A Pole Dance Revue put on by Dawn Humphries, and it was so much fun! The revue was a look at all the different styles of pole dance, from Chinese, to circus/contortion, to dramatic, to burlesque, to sexy. I represented the dramatic aspect (the sexier side of dramatic…) so I picked this song, which I’ve been listening to for a while now and love its weirdness. I just freestyled to it, and while it could have been better had I choreographed a routine, I’m pretty happy with this freestyle. There were a few previews of my Southern Pole Championships routine in there – gotta make sure I can hit those moves anywhere, even on a wobbly stage pole!


My Own Summer – Deftones

I was definitely in a genre rut, music-wise, so I decided to switch things up this week with a little rock music. You can’t go wrong with Deftones! I always think of Alethea Austin when I dance to them, and because I have a picture of her in my head, I have a hard time posting any of my dances because they never live up to her performances! I tried my best to channel my inner Alethea with this routine, and I think it went over pretty well with my students.

I haven’t decided what song I’m doing next week, so I am always open to music suggestions! Maybe I’ll do something really out of the box and do a completely instrumental piece…


Monsters – Ruelle

I’m loving teaching this floorwork class! Yes, I do have some pole in there, but I’m trying to focus mainly on floorwork. I’m having to really work my creativity because I’m limited by flexibility and the (very strong) request to not have any rolls from my students… which is really hard for me because I could just roll backwards, forwards, and sideways all day long! So no splits, no balances (we’re not there yet, strengthwise, and no rolls, which pushes me to come up with new movements and shapes each week so my routines don’t all start to look similar. I fear that they already are, so I’m trying to do some research in the form of watching YouTube videos to find some new ways to move around the pole and floor. I know that my music has been in the same style for a couple of weeks, so next week I’m going to do something a little different.

I love music from both Ruelle and Halsey, who I always put together in my head since they show up on each other’s Pandora playlists all the time. I really enjoyed this routine, but I got almost no feedback from my students, which is hard. I always like having some feedback, positive or negative, so I know what to keep doing or stop doing, but a silent class is the worst! I had really positive feedback from last week, so I’m not sure what exactly changed. Oh well, time for a new one next week! Hopefully they’ll like that one. :)

Gasoline – Halsey

I’m definitely on a Halsey kick. She has so many good songs; it’s like she’s made for pole dancers. Even Sasja Lee performed pole while Halsey sang at Coachella! I played around with this song a while ago, but I hadn’t done anything formal with it. When it came time to choreograph my weekly Sexy Flexy Floorwork class, I was scrolling through my music when this one caught my eye and I knew I could work with it. I’m glad I did because it is my students’ favorite routine we’ve ever done! I’m not quite sure what makes it different from the other routines I’ve done, but I’m glad they all enjoyed it. :)