Heathens – Twenty One Pilots

I’ve been feeling like I just keep repeating the same moves in all of my routines for this class, so I’ve been trying to watch more floorwork videos by other people to get some inspiration. This routine takes inspiration from the first few seconds of this video from Ekaterina Valova with the crossed knees, though from what I can tell, she’s doing Oksana Shine‘s choreography (I LOVE Instagram!) I’m so thankful that I felt like I broke out of my rut, even if just a little bit, to add something new to a routine.

I’ve been feeling extremely low creatively recently, and have started doing some things to combat the feeling of worthlessness that I have in conjunction with low creative output. I’ve been trying to move more outside of just teaching classes, trying to write at least something every day, and trying to read more. Not all of those things are happening on a regular basis, but it’s getting a little better. Here’s to more creativity in the future!

Crave You (Adventure Club Dubstep Remix) – Flight Facilities

I’ve loved this song for years now, and I could’ve sworn I choreographed to it already, but in looking through my notebooks and my YouTube channel, I couldn’t find anything. Thank goodness, because finding music for class is always the hardest part for me!

I’ve been watching lots of videos recently to try to get more inspiration for floorwork moves, so I tried a few little things out in this class. I’m somewhat limited as I do have a student who had knee surgery and can’t bend one of her knees fully, like sitting on her heels or crawling. I never realized how much of floorwork required that, so I’m having to be creative with ways to move around the floor that don’t require crawling, and ways to stand up that don’t require fully bent knees.

I threw in some more pole moves than I usually do in this one, which made everyone more exhausted than usual running through it. I like it though – I know I spend more time building strength than stamina when it comes to pole, so I need to do some more cardio. Repeating routines with slightly more difficult pole moves in them is one way I can do that without changing that much!

Numb – Nick Jonas

I actually taught this routine back in March, but my girls weren’t comfortable enough with it to take a video. No worries! Some of them had only been poling for about a month, so it was totally understandable. I held onto it though, so I could come back to it during a busy week. Some of the transitions are definitely pretty quick, so it was a little tricky, but as always, everyone did a great job!

Desire – Meg Myers

To be completely honest, I am feeling incredibly tapped out when it comes to choreographing these routines every week. I also teach as a full-time job, so much of my time is spent creating: creating lesson plans, creating assignments, activities, and ways to get students involved and understanding. Then I leave school, head to the studio, and am tasked with creating more: creating loose lesson plans for classes based on who’s in them, creating these routines, creating a group showcase routine (and that has several physical restrictions, so it’s HARD), and attempting to create for myself. I’ve pretty much stopped poling at all for me in the past month or so, which makes me sad. There’s more to it than just being tapped out, but that’s a big part of it.

So all that to say that I feel like these routines are not fun or entertaining anymore, and I’m just regurgitating the same moves set to different music every week. I get conflicting feedback from students, which makes it even harder. I know I can’t make everyone happy, but I try! This week’s routine isn’t anything great, but I did enjoy myself while dancing it, so I guess that’s the important part.