Rescue Me – UNIONS

I first heard this song at the end of the most recent season of UnReal (which is a ridiculous (sometimes great) TV show, by the way!). As soon as I heard it, I knew I had to find it. When I can’t Shazam songs because there’s talking over it (like in a TV show or movie), I just try googling the lyrics. Sometimes that’s really hard, but in this case, it led me directly to the song! When I first found it over the summer, it had less than 2,000 views, but more people have found it – and loved it – through UnReal as well.

It’s such a gorgeous and haunting song, but it never really changes so I knew I couldn’t use it for a competition. It works perfectly, however, for a short in-class routine! I loved focusing more on arm movements in this choreography and thinking about circular motions. I was originally thinking this would be a good simple choreo so we could focus more on the performance and dance aspect of it, but I forgot my students very much dislike rolls, and I had 3 in there! It was a struggle to get them, but in the end everyone did!

Man in the Box – Alice in Chains

This song was requested by one of my students! To be more specific, her teenage son suggested that we do a routine to it. :) I hadn’t listened to Alice in Chains for a while, but it was fun to get into a rock routine.

I feel pretty stuck in a rut: I do all the same moves, just in different combinations at different speeds. This really hit home today when I went to take the screenshot to use for the header of this post, and I took the exact same shot as I did for the routine just two weeks ago! Sadness. I feel like it’s my constant refrain – I need to break out of my comfort zone and try new things – but I’m not sure how to go about doing that. Maybe some new music that I’m uncomfortable with? Finding someone on Instagram whose movement is totally foreign to me? I’m open to suggestions!

Body Electric – Lana Del Rey

I ran across this song on Pandora and fell in love. I’m actually thinking I might use it for one of my own routines coming up…

As for this class, I wanted to do something a little more dance-y and flowy, with some actual on-the-pole work instead of just floorwork. Thankfully my students were up for the challenge! I kept getting mixed up on which leg was bending in the sit, so I’m backwards from everyone else: man, what a good teacher I am. At least my students learned it correctly, which is good. Sometimes the limitations I have when choreographing – students who aren’t as advanced as others, no shoulder rolls, no right knees completely bent – force me to do unusual-to-me movements, so sometimes I automatically go into my natural movement. Definitely something I need to work on!

Hybrid (Biome Remix) – Kryptic Minds

Unlike every other routine I’ve posted here, this one was made up completely on the fly! Students are supposed to sign up for class ahead of time, but no one had, so I hadn’t prepared anything for my Halloween class. When students showed up, I figured I had to come up with something! I went through a couple of songs on my phone, and this one got the most positive response, so I came up with a little combo that we made work with the music. It’s not perfect or especially made for this song – I hate when I think a routine is so generic it could go with any music – but it was fun! And it was a great workout: we were exhausted after running through it a few times. I’ve loved this song for a while but thought I could never choreograph anything worthy of its coolness, so I never tried. I guess it’s fitting that I ended up not even choreographing to it so that I was forced to accept whatever happened.

Rise – Katy Perry

Sometimes I don’t want to be sexy – at least not overt, in-your-face sexy – and I had a request from a student to do a little more “dance-y” routine, so this is what I came up with. I somehow equate “dance-y” with more arm movements, so I tried to get some of that in there, as well as smoother, flowier movements instead of hard hits. I like feeling like I’m dancing through a song, not just trying to hit the beats with a movement. I really love how this routine turned out and I only wish there had been more students in class to dance with us!