My Favorite YouTube Comments (So Far)

It comes with the territory: you post something on social media, especially when it’s pole-related, and you will get comments. Here are my top 10 (plus 2!) favorite comments from YouTube so far:

On Exes and Ohs: “I feel bad for not liking this routine.” Do you really, though?

On Worth It: “Omg u know that if a guy trys to where heels and it looks good on him but not me I would be jelly. But he looks better and he dances wayyhyyy better than those girls.??” Sooo many comments about my friend Paul in the routines!

“that looks so gross but still COOL ?????????” …thank… you…?

On Partition: “Ugh a man?” Yep! Surprise!

On Under Your Skin: “Cool dancing, but you really needed some help filming this. Could’ve been great done right.” Damn, you mean my awesome phone-on-a-tripod isn’t professional grade videography?

On Crave You: “I was really disappointed that you used a remix instead of the original song, but still a good routine nonetheless!!” Well shit, I really choose my music based off your desires, random YouTube commenter! I’ll try to read your mind better next time!

On My Own Summer: “Lose the heels and put on some Chuck Taylor’s for some Deftones.” Huh. Never considered that. Maybe next time!

On Paradise Circus; same person, two separate comments: “you are trying too hard. relax a little” and “in my opinion this song is better for exotic dance” Good point. I’ll try to relax more AND dance more exotically, whatever that means!

On Desperado: “Good Job! Even though the one in the white was off a little!” Nice comment! Even though your grammar was off a little!

On Skin: “they did good but the first girl moved very slow but i will love to do this at a pole dancing club if i can find one” Good luck!

On Wiggle: “I am a woman” Awesome, thanks for sharing!

I can’t wait to see what incredibly pithy, uplifting, and wise YouTube comments the future brings!


*I do delete straight-up cruel or disgusting comments, and I usually just laugh at silly ones like these. I do love positive comments though, so feel free to leave those wherever you like! Writing this post made me realize how much I do enjoy positive comments, so I’m going to try to do that more often for other people!