Contemporary Pole Routine

I couldn’t put a song title for this one since it’s a mix of two songs that I combined for my PSO Triangle competition routine. The voicemail at the beginning is from Zella Day’s music video for Mustang Kids, and the song is Flood on the Floor by Purity Ring. I spent a very long time choreographing the voicemail part and I didn’t want to just use it once, so I decided to use it for a class routine. I used all the floorwork parts of my routine (except one fish flop!) and added a little pole in there to get a little contemporary dance routine to teach. I really love how this ended up, but it was more difficult – and faster! – than I anticipated. I always think songs are slow, so therefore the routines I create are slow, and that is definitely not always the case. It was a fun little departure from the usual sexy slinky heels work we usually do in class, but we’ll be back to our normal sexy routines next week!

I Wanna Be Loved By You – Marilyn Monroe

I first put together this routine as a request for a bachelorette party, then I used it for a chair workshop two years ago, but I knew I wanted to do something fun for Valentine’s Day this class, and I had just bought these awesome boas, so I did it again! The feathers made a huge mess, but it was so fun that I didn’t mind the clean-up (too much). I told the girls to wear their V-Day best, and I loved seeing everyone’s different interpretations. I take any excuse I can to wear my pink sequin leotard and pink chrome heels!

Love Lockdown – Glass Animals

This is the second time I’ve taught this routine: the first time was almost two years ago! I added a tiny bit on to the end, but I was coming up on a competition with two different routines and was feeling a bit stressed out, so I didn’t have it in me to create a whole new routine this week. I like the beats and slightly unusual moves in this routine, so I wanted to revisit it. It’s pretty fast and all those swing around floor movements were a little tricky, but my girls got it pretty well! I really like songs with nice beats to hit and that are a bit unusual so I’m more willing to try different moves. I really enjoy this routine and had fun sharing it with a whole new group of dancers!

Low Life – X Ambassadors

A student recommended this song to me, and I wasn’t sure about it at first, but it ended up being perfect for a nice simple and slow routine so that we could focus on being controlled and clean. As always, though, even though I thought it was a simple routine – all very basic pole moves, with a few exceptions – I still had students struggle with some of the choreography. One even dropped out before filming the video because she was struggling with it. I tend to get frustrated when this happens instead of taking a step back and realizing I need to go back and teach some of the basics again, and not just move on to harder moves because it’s been years since we did the basics. We don’t spend a lot of time on beginner spins in class unless they’re in a routine, so sometimes I just assume everyone remembers how to do them and throw them in. I also do the choreography many times before teaching it, so I forget how it might be harder the first few times going through it. Definitely a lot of lessons for me to learn as a teacher!