Bang Bang – Nico Vega

I know this is an old song, but I liked this version when I heard it… somewhere. I can’t remember where I heard this, but when I did, I Shazamed it (how I find lots of music)! It provided the perfect ending point partway through the song: after this, it gets a little crazy and intense and much harder to dance to. I kept this one pretty simple, with the only challenge getting our butts up on the pole after the backbend down to the floor. It took a little oomph to get them up there, but we did it!

The next couple of weeks are going to be preparing for Bittersweet Studios’ showcase coming up May 13, so it might be a bit bare here on the blog. I should be getting my USPSF video soon, so I’ll post about that here when I do, as well as my USPDF performance. (Spoiler: one went MUCH better than the other.) I’d also like to write a few other pole-related things rather than just about the weekly routines I do, but I’m feeling a bit stuck on topics, so I’m taking suggestions!

Bom Bidi Bom – Nick Jonas ft. Nicki Minaj

I first heard this song (of course) in the movie Fifty Shades Darker: I took note of the lyrics during the movie, then went home after watching it and googled it to find it! Since then, I’ve seen several dances of all kinds to this song, and they’ve all been so fun. I definitely wanted to do a more fun and upbeat song after the last couple routines since they’ve all been pretty intense. It was fun to get some hip movement, floor body rolls, and skater feet in there!

While creating this routine, I realized that I always do some moves on the same side – the side I favor – and that that wasn’t very fair to my students who prefer the other side. So in an effort to even it out and make sure that we (and by that, I mean I) do everything on both sides, I choreographed the first verse and chorus of the song, then switched to have everything go in the other direction for the second verse and chorus. At first I felt like it was kind of a choreographic cop-out (and I think it is), but it was good practice to do every move on both sides and force our brains to work on flipping movements. Since it was the same choreography, it didn’t require as much thought to remember it, so more energy could be put towards doing the motion in the other direction. I will definitely be doing more routines like this!