Eyes Closed – Halsey

I found this song the way I find most of my music – on Pandora! It is such a pretty song that when I heard it during class, I ran over to the iPad to take a screenshot really quickly so I could remember to download it later. I didn’t realize until I was choreographing for it just how sad the lyrics were, but that doesn’t make me love it any less. It’s kind of fun in a different way to dance sexy to a sad, more contemporary song. I was inspired by Iris’s recent Facebook post asking about sensual/serious pole performances, and wanted to try my hand at it. I’m definitely a beginner at this type of choreography/routine, but I want to explore it more.
These bottoms were in my USPDF (which I could’ve sworn I posted about, but apparently I didn’t!) swag bag, and I know they’re pretty small, but all of my black bottoms were used for various costumes and I really wanted to wear this new sports bra I got from Victoria’s Secret for $5(!), so I pulled these out. I actually think they’re really flattering, but they are smaller than I’m used to. You know what else is smaller? Summer classes! I have several students out of town, so my classes are much smaller. In some ways it’s nice, but in terms of income, it’s a struggle. I also sometimes feel like it’s not worth spending 1-2 hours choreographing a new routine every week for just a few students, but it’s good for my brain and body to keep working on new things, so I do it. I hope my students appreciate it!

Twerkshop June 2017

I had so much fun teaching the last twerkshops that I wanted to do more! It is definitely a challenge for me to choreograph for these in contrast to a pole routine, but it’s a fun challenge. I get a LOT of cardio in when practicing the routine to memorize it for teaching, and then I get another 90 minutes in during the actual twerkshop. I think these classes are so much fun because people tend to be more relaxed and take it less seriously than pole choreography. No one’s going to be judged on their twerking skills, but there are pole competitions. Plus, shaking your butt is just FUN! I always like teaching choreography, but I really was happy teaching this one. One of the attendees who is not a regular student at the studio left a very sweet comment in the Facebook event the next day, so that made it even better. The plan is to do one of these every 2 months or so that people don’t get sick of them, but are ready to do it again!

Myth – Tsar B

I seriously love all of Tsar B’s music, and after practicing our Tainted Love routine for the past several weeks, I was ready to do some slower flowing for this class. This routine was nothing special and doesn’t have any unique moves or transitions in it, but I enjoyed dancing it. As a teacher, it’s hard to come up with new choreography every week and make sure each student is challenged – but not too much! – by the moves and the choreography. I have some students who are working on forward and backward rolls, so putting one of those in makes it a more difficult routine for them, while others can do all the moves, but learning choreography is a bigger challenge. Trying to strike that balance is a continuous process and I’m definitely always working to teach my students something new but attainable, no matter where they are.

Night at the Movies Showcase 6-10-17

So somehow I failed to write about our 4 year anniversary showcase last November?! I went to see how I’d titled my other showcase posts and the most recent one is from last June! I’m not sure how I missed that one because we had a super fun group routine from the girls representing Palm Coast.

Anyway, we had our spring showcase last weekend and we decided to reprise a routine from our Tuesday evening sexy flexy floorwork classes. I loved getting a chance to show off one of our class routines to an audience, and it was so fun to dance with a group of students from Palm Coast! We were the only group routine aside from our silly animal routine that we closed the showcase with, so it was nice to show a different side of pole: both a synchronized group routine and a sexy routine.

I also performed a version of my USPDF routine (no closed outside leg hang!) and I feel better now that I actually did the elbow hold combo I was intending to do in New York.

Finally, we performed our Madagascar-inspired routine from Pole Con again. I forgot to do the grapevines – oops! – but it was still a blast and a great way to end the show. Our 5 year anniversary show will be in November, and we already have a great line-up of pole stars from around the country coming to perform, so I can’t wait!

Bittersweet Studios at Pole Con 2017

I first attended and performed at Pole Con in 2013 (apparently I never wrote about the group performance, only my own!), and then wasn’t able to make it for a few years due to teaching and the location being inconvenient. This year it was held in Atlanta and my school year ended earlier, so I was able to go.

I’m not sure how we came up with this group piece, but we were dying laughing just talking about it, so we had to do it! We had a flamingo on stilts, a llama, a zebra, a bunny rabbit, a fox, a swan, and a sloth: quite the menagerie! I loved having fun on stage and being able to dance with my friends for an appreciative audience. Since Pole Con will be in Orlando next year – even closer! – we are already planning our group routine and how we’re going to top this year’s. I’d also like to be able to teach some workshops and perhaps perform a solo as well, so those are some things for me to work on. Enjoy our silly Madagascar-themed performance!