That Other Girl – Sevdaliza

Like so many of the songs I use for class, I heard this in a pole competition piece – Joscelyn Perez, the winner of PSO’s Southern Pole Championships. I’d actually randomly found it on YouTube a month or so prior, and I was excited to hear it again when I watched her compete in Atlanta. Sevdaliza has some very cool music videos and I’ve definitely been hearing her songs in pole competitions recently – I think Pole Theatre US had 2 in the Classique division!

The routine I put together starts at about 30 seconds into the song when she begins singing. I wanted to put in some different shapes and movements, as well as incorporate more arm motion – I think I did do a little better than I normally do, but I still have a lot more to work on! I’d like to have a lot more arm movement in my routines because I definitely focus on legs and I think that could elevate and differentiate some of my choreography.

Look What You Made Me Do – Taylor Swift

This song came out over the weekend, and while I have major issues with the lyrics, I LOVE the beat! I knew I had to do a routine to it, and it just called out for chair, so I threw a little chair dance in. I rarely do chair dance, mostly because I feel like I only know a few chair moves and I’m repeating them over and over. It’s been a while (I think the last one was Valentine’s Day) since I’ve done some chair, so this was really fun for me.

It’s always a bit precarious to stand on the chair and transfer to the pole, but we all figured it out! I had so much fun with this routine, both putting it together (rare) and dancing it in class (much more common!).

Sucker for Pain – Multiple Artists

I’d heard this song around a lot since Suicide Squad came out, but the first pole routine I saw to it was this amazingly creepy and flexy performance by Daniel Darling at PSO’s Triangle Pole Championships. The shoulder stand at :56 was definitely the hardest part for everyone, but I love it! I want to work more on inverted movements and various shoulder stands in floorwork so my students can get used to them and start incorporating more types of movement on the floor in their own routines.

This class was only a few days before PSO’s Southeast Pole Championships and since I had 5 students compete, several of them wanted to rest up for the competition and chose not to take this class. Totally understandable, but I always like it when there are more students in my classes than fewer. I’m hoping to get more students dancing with me in the upcoming weeks!

Twerkshop August 2017

I always have so much fun doing these twerkshops and work up QUITE a sweat! They’re much more difficult for me to choreograph than my weekly pole/floor routines, mostly because I feel very limited in the moves I can do – they have to be butt-focused! – and I don’t spend a lot of time watching twerk videos and practicing on my own, as opposed to pole. I also find it difficult to find appropriate music: it obviously needs to have a good beat and be easy to twerk to, but I also will not have the n-word in any song, nor am I comfortable with super overtly sexual lyrics or constantly calling women bitches, so that limits a lot of the music options! (Of course, now that I look up the lyrics to this song… pretty disgusting in parts! Oops – they were going too fast for me to understand…)

Anyway, even though I had a hard time choreographing this routine, I ended up really liking it – isn’t that always the case? I’m not sure when the next one will be, but I’m going to need to do some research and put in some time to make sure I’m not just repeating what I’ve done so far.

From the Inside – Linkin Park

I’m so behind on posting the last month’s worth of routines! I started back to school at the beginning of August, had a competition across the country the first weekend, and another competition the third weekend, so I was super busy. Be prepared for an onslaught of posts over the next few days as I’m off work for Hurricane Irma – here’s hoping I don’t lose power for too long!

Like many others, I was shaken by the death of Chester Bennington: my high school soundtrack was essentially all Linkin Park and I have so many memories tied to their songs. They’re one of my husband’s favorite bands so it’s not unusual for me to come home to their music playing or hear it in his car. I really wanted to do a routine to one of their songs and this one jumped out to me. I like that I was able to put a little bit of polework into this one: I absolutely love floorwork but my heart is happiest spinning on the pole. My favorite part of this routine is the leg movements from 1:22 to 1:30 (I’m going to start including my favorite moments from each routine so that 1) I can come back and watch them, and 2) I force myself to find something I like in each one!).

Escalate – Tsar B

I first heard this song at USPDF during our practice time when they were running through everyone’s music to make sure it worked. Then I saw and heard it everywhere, most notably this amazing dance routine. Since then I’ve seen several pole and dance routines to it, because it’s just that good! I couldn’t be left out. :) I really love all the beats and slight strangeness to it. My favorite part of this routine is 1:04 to 1:25 because I feel like it flows well and is unexpected in terms of movement and direction. I really want my choreography to be centered on unexpectedness.