I’m a Poster Model?!

This really shouldn’t be a big deal, but it is to me: I obsess with how I look in photos and videos, and I never feel that I have good angles in performances and that I’m always making weird faces. However, as of today I’ve now been on 3 different posters for 3 different competitions, so at least the photographers are doing a great job at capturing me!

pso southeast poster

First, I was on PSO’s Southeast poster with a great photo from my performance at their Southern competition in June 2016. I love this picture and I was so happy when I saw they used it for their poster! I’m also glad I was able to represent myself well at this competition, winning the Floorwork and Low Flow division and placing 2nd in the professional qualifier.

uspdf poster

Just a few months later, I competed in USPDF’s Battle for Armageddon competition in Texas, and soon afterwards they used a moment from my compulsory routine on their poster for the upcoming championships in June. I never thought about this being a photogenic moment in my routine, but I LOVE it because I look so happy! I really did love that routine and had so much fun performing it. Unfortunately, I’m not able to compete in this competition because of a family wedding. Hopefully next one!

uspsf poster

Today I found myself on the US Pole Sports Federation‘s poster for their Southwest Regionals competition this May. I do this move in pretty much every single routine, so I definitely feel this is a good representation of me. I even have this photo as one of those 5 photos in that sidebar on my Facebook profile. I spent a lot of time rhinestoning this costume for the USPSF Championships last spring, so I’m glad it’s being seen! The funny thing is, I’m wearing red in each of these photos, which is not a usual color choice for me! I do think it looks stunning in photos and videos though, so something to consider for future competitions and shows…

Here Comes Santa Claus – Trap Remix

This was the last routine at the Palm Coast location! Since it was the week before Christmas, of course we had to do a Christmas-themed song, and one of my students brought in super cute holiday headbands. It’s a pretty simple routine, but I like that it repeats on the other side so we get used to doing all moves on both sides. My favorite part is the little pony prance to sit at :26 (and 1:21) and the swing back and roll forward that follows.

I’m sad to not be teaching this class every week anymore, but I’m not stopping teaching entirely: I’ll be teaching a similar class every other Friday evening at the Jacksonville location. My goal is to build on to a routine so that I do an entire song each month. I’ve been feeling pretty uninspired recently and I’m hoping that a different location and taking some classes myself will spark new ideas and movements for me so I can break out of this rut. I’m really looking forward to a new year with new opportunities!