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BeSpun Flow Challenge 2016

BeSpun was one of the first pole studios in the United States, opening in 2006. The studio boasts such stars as Alethea Austin, Amy Guion, Jordan Kensley, Brynn Route, and of course its founder, Leigh Ann Reilly, as well as many other amazing polers! I’m not sure if this is its first year doing the Flow Challenge – I vaguely remember something last year? – but this is my first time participating. Over the course of 6 weeks, a BeSpun instructor posts a new combo: some on spin, some on static, some in leggings, some in heels. There’s something for everyone! There are only 5 combos, and the 6th week is to put together all 5.

For some reason, I never got around to learning each week’s new challenge, instead starting to learn all of them on week 5. I much prefer spin pole over static (unless I’m on the floor around the base of the pole), so I learned Leigh Ann (week 1) and Jennifer Kim’s (week 3) combos much faster than the others. It took me a bit to figure out Claudia Renee’s (week 2), Elizabeth Carmine Black’s (week 4), and Brandon Grimm’s (week 5). Brandon’s was actually one of the hardest for me even though it’s all very simple moves just because I never do them on static! I’m glad I took on this challenge to try to force myself to look at basic moves in a new way and move in ways that I otherwise don’t. I’d love to host a challenge like this, too…

Beginner Pole Dance Routine 3-14-16

This is nothing special – it wasn’t even choreographed to a specific song, so it doesn’t quite work with the music – but I like putting together routines of the moves we’re working on in class. For one, I get super bored with doing the same moves over and over, no matter what level they are, and two, what’s the point in learning a move if you can’t combine it with others? I want my students to see how moves can work with others and start exploring their own ways to put together combinations. I also love synchronized group routines! I tend to watch those (as rare as they are in the pole world) more than individual performances. I’d love to see more group and/or class routines out there. :)