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Contemporary Pole Routine

I couldn’t put a song title for this one since it’s a mix of two songs that I combined for my PSO Triangle competition routine. The voicemail at the beginning is from Zella Day’s music video for Mustang Kids, and the song is Flood on the Floor by Purity Ring. I spent a very long time choreographing the voicemail part and I didn’t want to just use it once, so I decided to use it for a class routine. I used all the floorwork parts of my routine (except one fish flop!) and added a little pole in there to get a little contemporary dance routine to teach. I really love how this ended up, but it was more difficult – and faster! – than I anticipated. I always think songs are slow, so therefore the routines I create are slow, and that is definitely not always the case. It was a fun little departure from the usual sexy slinky heels work we usually do in class, but we’ll be back to our normal sexy routines next week!

I Wanna Be Loved By You – Marilyn Monroe

I first put together this routine as a request for a bachelorette party, then I used it for a chair workshop two years ago, but I knew I wanted to do something fun for Valentine’s Day this class, and I had just bought these awesome boas, so I did it again! The feathers made a huge mess, but it was so fun that I didn’t mind the clean-up (too much). I told the girls to wear their V-Day best, and I loved seeing everyone’s different interpretations. I take any excuse I can to wear my pink sequin leotard and pink chrome heels!

Body Electric – Lana Del Rey

I ran across this song on Pandora and fell in love. I’m actually thinking I might use it for one of my own routines coming up…

As for this class, I wanted to do something a little more dance-y and flowy, with some actual on-the-pole work instead of just floorwork. Thankfully my students were up for the challenge! I kept getting mixed up on which leg was bending in the sit, so I’m backwards from everyone else: man, what a good teacher I am. At least my students learned it correctly, which is good. Sometimes the limitations I have when choreographing – students who aren’t as advanced as others, no shoulder rolls, no right knees completely bent – force me to do unusual-to-me movements, so sometimes I automatically go into my natural movement. Definitely something I need to work on!

Dangerous Woman – Ariana Grande

I feel like this is a quintessential pole dancing song, and I expect to hear it multiple times in pole performances over the next year or so. Nothing wrong with that – obviously I used it too!

I’m still staying away from shoulder rolls while my students work on getting theirs, so that limits my floor choreography a bit, making it a challenge. I’m trying not to do the same moves every week, but I feel like I’m falling in a rut… I definitely need to challenge myself to be more creative with my moves while staying simple so my students of all levels can participate!

Do You Remember – Jerryd James

I don’t remember where I found this song – probably just browsing through YouTube one day – but I’ve had it playing regularly for the past several months and I’m still not sick of it. I really like all the little syncopated beats and pauses that make music interesting. I really struggled teaching this because I’d put together the routine two weeks prior and hadn’t had much of a chance to review it before teaching it, so I had to refer to my trusty notebook a LOT during class.

Unfortunately, this was my last poleography class at Bittersweet Studios in Jacksonville because we just opened a second location in Palm Coast! I live in Palm Coast, so I am heading it up the classes down here. Right now we don’t have many experienced students since this is the first studio in the area, but I do hope to have a poleography class here soon! I’m already stockpiling songs to choreograph to, even if I have to tone it down a bit for more beginner-level students. I’m excited to see how Bittersweet Studios PC grows!

Superman – Santigold

This song is so much fun! As always, I try to alternate weeks with contemporary routines and sexy routines, though it’s no secret that I prefer the sexy ones! I love heels and body rolls and all things sparkly, and dramatic emotional routines don’t lend themselves to glitter very well. 😀

This was a pretty simple routine, choreography-wise, but I wanted to focus on hitting all the little beats and notes, and I think I mostly accomplished that. I already have a song in mind for next week, and then I had a request for a Christmas song! I can’t believe 2015 is almost over…

The Morning After – Meg Myers

I really like Meg Myers’ songs: my first exposure to her music was Maggie Ann’s amazing APC routine last year and I immediately created a Meg Myers Pandora station. Several of my routines have come from songs I heard on that station, including my PSO nationals routine! I actually had this song playing in one of my Instagram videos, and I was watching the video when I realized I really liked the song and wanted to see what I could come up with for it. I’m pretty proud of the amount of dancing I have in this one: I’m working on my choreography skills, and I want so badly to improve the actual dance part of routines, not just the moves and the tricks.

YouTube blocked this video immediately due to music copyright claims, so this got to join the few other videos on my Vimeo account!

Paint It Black – Ciara

The second I heard this song, I knew I’d have to do a poleography routine to it! It’s so sexy, and it reminds me of Beyonce’s version of Back to Black from the Great Gatsby soundtrack, which I’m also obsessed with (and apparently performed three times!). This song has such fun sounds and moments and I already have visions of a crazy intense show piece with this music, but I need to have a very special venue for it! I really love the sexy routines and wish I had more of an outlet to compete and perform in those. I do like the sportier and more artistic competitions, but my heart is really in the showgirl aspect of pole and I feel like I can really dance and perform more in that style.

That being said, I’m kind of excited about the heartfelt and emotional song I’m working on for next week…

Addicted – Kelly Clarkson

I was eager to get back to creating some new choreography after two weeks in a row practicing for the showcase, but the Monday night after the showcase, everyone cancelled! I think they were all worn out from the weekend. :) I’d already had this one choreographed, so we did it the following week. I really like it, especially because I pushed myself to work on some movement that doesn’t come naturally to me: the more dance-y stuff away from the pole at the beginning and really trying to move to the music, not just the beats. I need to focus on all the music, including what I call “the openings” of sound and dance through those instead of just stepping or moving on a downbeat. I’m pretty happy to look back through all my videos and see how my choreography skills are progressing and I can’t wait to look back at this one to see how much I’ve improved in the future!

Scream My Name – Tove Lo

I did this routine earlier this year, but I was out of town all weekend and didn’t have time to put anything together for this class, so I revisited it. Even with my video from January and my notebook with the routine written down, I still had a hard time getting my body to remember all the direction changes! I still love this song and I love how I can’t contain my grin when the music changes at :45! I really love walking purposefully into a step-around and I’m kind of proud of my outside-the-box thinking  with the thread-through swing around into a back hook (however small that is, I have a hard time coming up with new things on my own).

The next few weeks we’ll be learning a chair and floor routine for Bittersweet Studios‘ third anniversary showcase, so the blog won’t be updated with a new routine until after then. I have a few things planned though, so don’t stay away!