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Twerkshop August 2017

I always have so much fun doing these twerkshops and work up QUITE a sweat! They’re much more difficult for me to choreograph than my weekly pole/floor routines, mostly because I feel very limited in the moves I can do – they have to be butt-focused! – and I don’t spend a lot of time watching twerk videos and practicing on my own, as opposed to pole. I also find it difficult to find appropriate music: it obviously needs to have a good beat and be easy to twerk to, but I also will not have the n-word in any song, nor am I comfortable with super overtly sexual lyrics or constantly calling women bitches, so that limits a lot of the music options! (Of course, now that I look up the lyrics to this song… pretty disgusting in parts! Oops – they were going too fast for me to understand…)

Anyway, even though I had a hard time choreographing this routine, I ended up really liking it – isn’t that always the case? I’m not sure when the next one will be, but I’m going to need to do some research and put in some time to make sure I’m not just repeating what I’ve done so far.

Twerkshop June 2017

I had so much fun teaching the last twerkshops that I wanted to do more! It is definitely a challenge for me to choreograph for these in contrast to a pole routine, but it’s a fun challenge. I get a LOT of cardio in when practicing the routine to memorize it for teaching, and then I get another 90 minutes in during the actual twerkshop. I think these classes are so much fun because people tend to be more relaxed and take it less seriously than pole choreography. No one’s going to be judged on their twerking skills, but there are pole competitions. Plus, shaking your butt is just FUN! I always like teaching choreography, but I really was happy teaching this one. One of the attendees who is not a regular student at the studio left a very sweet comment in the Facebook event the next day, so that made it even better. The plan is to do one of these every 2 months or so that people don’t get sick of them, but are ready to do it again!