Florida Pole Fitness Championship 2016

I competed in the 5th annual Florida Pole Fitness Championship a couple of weeks ago for my 5th time! Yep, it was my first competition ever, and I’ve competed in it every year since then!

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I’ve never placed before, and I definitely wasn’t expecting to this year, either. All I want out of competitions is a performance that I’m happy with, but I had already decided in my head who my top 3 were this year (with a possible 4th). That meant that leading up to the competition and even after my run, I didn’t even consider that I might place. And you know what? I got third! I was so surprised when Allison called my name that it took me a second to react! I’m so so so happy to have placed after 5 years of competing! I think the key to doing well is to truly NOT care if you place, but that is an incredibly hard mindset to get into.

I don’t have a great story about the creation of this routine: I found┬áthe song after hearing Castle on Pandora, so I went searching on YouTube to find more Halsey songs. I really liked this one, and thought it might be fun to do a creepy routine. I’d never done anything like that for a pole performance before, and I’d never done intentionally flexed feet either, so I wanted to try something new! I played around a ton on the floor, contorting myself in weird shapes to try to figure out my floorwork, and after my friend Robbie suggested doing a forearm cartwheel, I worked on it relentlessly until I finally got it!

The week before the competition, Sergia Louise Anderson was in town and I ran through my routine to get some feedback. She suggested just minor changes because she was very short on time, but I think they really made a big difference in how I thought about my performance and presenting myself on stage. If you get a chance to work with her, definitely do so!

Anyway, here’s the video! I see the few places where it’s not entirely smooth, but overall I’m quite happy with my performance!

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