Here Comes Santa Claus – Trap Remix

This was the last routine at the Palm Coast location! Since it was the week before Christmas, of course we had to do a Christmas-themed song, and one of my students brought in super cute holiday headbands. It’s a pretty simple routine, but I like that it repeats on the other side so we get used to doing all moves on both sides. My favorite part is the little pony prance to sit at :26 (and 1:21) and the swing back and roll forward that follows.

I’m sad to not be teaching this class every week anymore, but I’m not stopping teaching entirely: I’ll be teaching a similar class every other Friday evening at the Jacksonville location. My goal is to build on to a routine so that I do an entire song each month. I’ve been feeling pretty uninspired recently and I’m hoping that a different location and taking some classes myself will spark new ideas and movements for me so I can break out of this rut. I’m really looking forward to a new year with new opportunities!

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