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Sugar Cane – PrettyDeep

My husband and I watch Shameless – he was into it and watched it regularly, and by virtue of being in the same room while it was on, I got sucked into it. I’m simultaneously horrified and intrigued by the lives the people in the show (and I know many people in real life) live. This song was on the show a couple weeks ago and my husband commented that he was surprised no one had used it for a pole routine yet. We both set off to see who could find it first since Shazam wasn’t working: he found it on Soundcloud, but it wasn’t anywhere else. I found the band’s Facebook page, and it looked like they had created it just before that episode aired, so it was a brand new song! I immediately was reminded of Tynesha Brown’s amazing routine to River by Bishop Briggs last year, mostly because the songs are in the same vein and she did such a good job interpreting that music! This is definitely not my normal kind of music, but something about it resonated with me, so I used it for class.

My favorite moments in this routine are the heel clack – step – step at :23, the little kick – scorpion kick up to sit at :47, and the end chest circles, leg twirls, and pose. I also love this skirted bottoms from Vekker LA! I had so much fun dancing in them: they definitely put an extra pep in my step.


Look What You Made Me Do – Taylor Swift

This song came out over the weekend, and while I have major issues with the lyrics, I LOVE the beat! I knew I had to do a routine to it, and it just called out for chair, so I threw a little chair dance in. I rarely do chair dance, mostly because I feel like I only know a few chair moves and I’m repeating them over and over. It’s been a while (I think the last one was Valentine’s Day) since I’ve done some chair, so this was really fun for me.

It’s always a bit precarious to stand on the chair and transfer to the pole, but we all figured it out! I had so much fun with this routine, both putting it together (rare) and dancing it in class (much more common!).

Twerkshop June 2017

I had so much fun teaching the last twerkshops that I wanted to do more! It is definitely a challenge for me to choreograph for these in contrast to a pole routine, but it’s a fun challenge. I get a LOT of cardio in when practicing the routine to memorize it for teaching, and then I get another 90 minutes in during the actual twerkshop. I think these classes are so much fun because people tend to be more relaxed and take it less seriously than pole choreography. No one’s going to be judged on their twerking skills, but there are pole competitions. Plus, shaking your butt is just FUN! I always like teaching choreography, but I really was happy teaching this one. One of the attendees who is not a regular student at the studio left a very sweet comment in the Facebook event the next day, so that made it even better. The plan is to do one of these every 2 months or so that people don’t get sick of them, but are ready to do it again!

Bittersweet Studios at Pole Con 2017

I first attended and performed at Pole Con in 2013 (apparently I never wrote about the group performance, only my own!), and then wasn’t able to make it for a few years due to teaching and the location being inconvenient. This year it was held in Atlanta and my school year ended earlier, so I was able to go.

I’m not sure how we came up with this group piece, but we were dying laughing just talking about it, so we had to do it! We had a flamingo on stilts, a llama, a zebra, a bunny rabbit, a fox, a swan, and a sloth: quite the menagerie! I loved having fun on stage and being able to dance with my friends for an appreciative audience. Since Pole Con will be in Orlando next year – even closer! – we are already planning our group routine and how we’re going to top this year’s. I’d also like to be able to teach some workshops and perhaps perform a solo as well, so those are some things for me to work on. Enjoy our silly Madagascar-themed performance!

Bom Bidi Bom – Nick Jonas ft. Nicki Minaj

I first heard this song (of course) in the movie Fifty Shades Darker: I took note of the lyrics during the movie, then went home after watching it and googled it to find it! Since then, I’ve seen several dances of all kinds to this song, and they’ve all been so fun. I definitely wanted to do a more fun and upbeat song after the last couple routines since they’ve all been pretty intense. It was fun to get some hip movement, floor body rolls, and skater feet in there!

While creating this routine, I realized that I always do some moves on the same side – the side I favor – and that that wasn’t very fair to my students who prefer the other side. So in an effort to even it out and make sure that we (and by that, I mean I) do everything on both sides, I choreographed the first verse and chorus of the song, then switched to have everything go in the other direction for the second verse and chorus. At first I felt like it was kind of a choreographic cop-out (and I think it is), but it was good practice to do every move on both sides and force our brains to work on flipping movements. Since it was the same choreography, it didn’t require as much thought to remember it, so more energy could be put towards doing the motion in the other direction. I will definitely be doing more routines like this!

All I Want for Christmas – Mariah Carey

I first did this routine 2 years ago in Jacksonville, but it’s such a fun song and I hadn’t done a chair routine in a while, so I brought it back. One of my students had tons of fun holiday costumes that she brought in, so we all wore silly headbands and I wore this crazy elf costume. It had little bells all around the edges and I kept sitting on one, so the next day I had a nice bruise on my thigh: of course I don’t get pole bruises (hardly) anymore, but I do get bell bruises! We definitely enjoyed this last sexy flexy floorwork class before Christmas.

Fire and Ice Showcase 6-4-16

Bittersweet Studios has a showcase about every 6 months, and each time they get bigger and better! The most recent one was held on June 4th, and much like the last one, I had two performances: a group chair routine and a solo. My goal was to have most of (if not all) of my students from Palm Coast do the chair routine with me, but only two ended up learning the routine and they didn’t want to perform it with such a small group. Luckily, I convinced some students and instructors at the Jacksonville location to learn it with me, and I screamed out the directions as we performed it! We’d only gone through it once or twice beforehand, and very quickly, so most of the people were definitely still trying to listen to me tell them where to go next. It was a challenge for me to remember what came next and yell it out in time for everyone to follow along while still performing the choreography. I do it every week in my sexy flexy floorwork classes, but usually not to this extent. If anyone were to say that teaching a group routine class isn’t difficult, I’d point them to this video! I was exhausted by the end of this routine, both mentally and physically. Thankfully, this was the opening to the showcase and my solo came near the end so I had plenty of time to recover.

I performed my Pole Sport Organization Southern Pole Championships routine as a sort of dress rehearsal before the real deal the following weekend (post about that to come as soon as I get my video from the always-amazing Alloy Images!). It’s not the best run-through, and I changed a few minor things the night of the competition that looking back, I’m glad I did. For example, I did two of what I call sexy inchworms at the beginning here, and at the competition I just did one slow one, which I think was a good choice!

Beginner Pole Dance Routine 3-14-16

This is nothing special – it wasn’t even choreographed to a specific song, so it doesn’t quite work with the music – but I like putting together routines of the moves we’re working on in class. For one, I get super bored with doing the same moves over and over, no matter what level they are, and two, what’s the point in learning a move if you can’t combine it with others? I want my students to see how moves can work with others and start exploring their own ways to put together combinations. I also love synchronized group routines! I tend to watch those (as rare as they are in the pole world) more than individual performances. I’d love to see more group and/or class routines out there. :)

Bittersweet Studios 3 Year Anniversary

I can’t believe that it’s been 3 years since Bittersweet Studios opened! I was there for the beginning, and so much has changed since then. Two more locations are in the works, and the studio has grown in students and instructors. I had the chance to put together two routines for the showcase party we had to celebrate 3 years in business: one group chair routine and a pole solo. I’m so glad I got to do a group routine since I love both participating in them and watching them, and it’s so fun to be able to dance with your friends! I wanted anyone to be able to do it with me, so I made it relatively simple, but it ended up being mostly my regular poleography students. It was SO much fun!

I also somehow put together a solo pole routine in two weeks! I started working on it the evening of October 25th and practiced it three more times before the night of the showcase, so I’m pretty proud of how it turned out! I’m super in love with the ending pose, an upward-facing pegasus, but I feel like it might be time to move on to more moves. We’ll see…

All in all, it was a great night and I’m so excited to see all the new talent develop! The spring showcase is going to be mind-blowing if this one is any indication!

Piece of Me – Britney Spears

Apparently I’m in a Britney Spears mood, since just two weeks ago I did another Unusual You. She’s just so perfect for girly, sexy, fun songs, which is exactly what I was looking for when I started searching for music for this week’s routine. I’d already told my students we were going to do a fun sexy routine (instead of an intense sexy one like last week) and that we would be wearing pink, so I had to find a song to fit that style. I tried out a couple other songs, but I ended up coming back to Britney.

For some reason, I had a really hard time choreographing this one: my brain just didn’t want to work, and I kept running into walls. Finally, I gave up and said, “Screw it, we’re going to come together as a group and walk!” I wasn’t sure how it would actually work out in practice, but it worked in my head, so I gave it a chance. Thankfully, I really like how it turned out! I love how everyone wore pink bottoms, and we practiced different ways of walking in heels before running through the routine to make sure we were stable. It didn’t hurt that we were holding onto each other, too. :)