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You Don’t Own Me – Grace ft. G-Eazy (Candyland Remix)

This song is just so good, of course I had to do a routine to it! I know I’m a little late on the trend with this one, but that doesn’t mean it’s not still a great song. There are a couple of elements I like in this routine: the low turns in place at the beginning, the little heel clack – hook – cross – roll combo at :41, and the internal consistency of 3 different double stag legs, as well as repeated bent and straight leg shapes. This was a very angular routine, whereas sometimes I try to focus more on circular movements and shapes. Even though there are several spins here, I feel like they are pointy spins. As I go through my videos, both class and competition, I often see better choreography coming from my class routines than my competition ones, and I really want to work on making the competition routines more stylized and consistent in shapes and theme of movement elements.

Dirty Diana – The Weeknd

I’m sure I’ve heard this song before, but it really stuck with me when I saw Brittnai’s USPDF performance in October: I love the beats and the melody and everything about this song that is just crying out to be danced to! I obliged and put together a routine for class; this was one of the easiest and quickest routines for me to choreograph since the music was so much fun!

I also really love this bodysuit that I got from Forever21: it’s not on their website anymore, but it definitely got me hooked and I want more! I feel so sexy and slinky in it. I also love that we were all wearing black and red for this class: I’d posted the song the night before so everyone interpreted it the same way, which is amazing.

Devils Hands – Truth

I first heard this song at PSO Southeast back in August and I knew I had to use it for a class routine – right before Halloween was the perfect time for it! I tried to incorporate some new movements, specifically at :35. I first did that slidey wave in my UPSDF optional routine (post about that coming soon!), and I really liked it, but it’s harder than it looks! It’s definitely the hardest part of the routine with all of the muscle it involves. I also think I’m getting a little better at looking at the audience (or camera, in this case): now to make sure I keep doing it during actual performances and competitions!

One Way or Another – Until the Ribbon Breaks

I LOVE this song. I originally planned to use it for my PSO Southeast floorwork and lowflow routine, but when I stumbled across that song, I changed my mind. I still couldn’t quite give up this song though, so I used it for a class routine. I love all the swirly leg things at the beginning and I really wanted to focus on circular movements around the pole. I may not be over this song still – I haven’t totally ruled it out for something in the future.

Hazey – Glass Animals

As I’ve said many times before, the hardest part of choreographing my Tuesday night routines is finding music! This song was suggested by Courtney, and while it’s definitely not music I would’ve chosen for myself, it worked out well. This was an unusually small class, but since Courtney was the one who wanted to do it, we went ahead and just had a duet class. It’s amazing how much faster one person learns a routine than a group! We ended up warming up, learning the routine, and filming the whole thing in just 45 minutes. Not too bad!

Myth – Tsar B

I seriously love all of Tsar B’s music, and after practicing our Tainted Love routine for the past several weeks, I was ready to do some slower flowing for this class. This routine was nothing special and doesn’t have any unique moves or transitions in it, but I enjoyed dancing it. As a teacher, it’s hard to come up with new choreography every week and make sure each student is challenged – but not too much! – by the moves and the choreography. I have some students who are working on forward and backward rolls, so putting one of those in makes it a more difficult routine for them, while others can do all the moves, but learning choreography is a bigger challenge. Trying to strike that balance is a continuous process and I’m definitely always working to teach my students something new but attainable, no matter where they are.

Come Together – Godsmack

I always love it when a student suggests a song: this one came from a student’s husband (and I think her teenage son suggested it too), and I immediately clicked with it when I heard it. It has such great beats and a nice tempo to move to: hit a beat, then slink; hit a beat, then slink – my favorite thing to do! I’ve been trying to dial back the complexity of my routines lately after getting some feedback from students, so I’m sticking with some more of the basics. You really can’t go wrong with head tosses, body rolls, and heel clacks!

Sweet Dreams – Marilyn Manson

I was looking for a song to do this week when I thought of the Lady Gaga and Eurhythmic’s mash-up of Sweet Dreams and Just Dance, which I love, but it didn’t seem quite right to me. I clicked around YouTube some and came across this version, which was perfect! This type of song is by far the easiest for me to choreograph: this routine was completed in under an hour and stuck in my head; sometimes I have a really hard time remembering routines, but this one just worked for me. My students notice it too: I was told that this was their favorite after the other Marilyn Manson song we did a few months ago.  I absolutely love this routine, and just like Tainted Love, I think it shows when I can’t help but smile!

Love Lockdown – Glass Animals

This is the second time I’ve taught this routine: the first time was almost two years ago! I added a tiny bit on to the end, but I was coming up on a competition with two different routines and was feeling a bit stressed out, so I didn’t have it in me to create a whole new routine this week. I like the beats and slightly unusual moves in this routine, so I wanted to revisit it. It’s pretty fast and all those swing around floor movements were a little tricky, but my girls got it pretty well! I really like songs with nice beats to hit and that are a bit unusual so I’m more willing to try different moves. I really enjoy this routine and had fun sharing it with a whole new group of dancers!

Low Life – X Ambassadors

A student recommended this song to me, and I wasn’t sure about it at first, but it ended up being perfect for a nice simple and slow routine so that we could focus on being controlled and clean. As always, though, even though I thought it was a simple routine – all very basic pole moves, with a few exceptions – I still had students struggle with some of the choreography. One even dropped out before filming the video because she was struggling with it. I tend to get frustrated when this happens instead of taking a step back and realizing I need to go back and teach some of the basics again, and not just move on to harder moves because it’s been years since we did the basics. We don’t spend a lot of time on beginner spins in class unless they’re in a routine, so sometimes I just assume everyone remembers how to do them and throw them in. I also do the choreography many times before teaching it, so I forget how it might be harder the first few times going through it. Definitely a lot of lessons for me to learn as a teacher!