USPDF 2017 Thoughts

I know, this is SUPER late! I competed in the amateur division of the US Pole Dance Federation on March 31, 2017 and I was not happy with how I did. I used so much grip on my hands that I couldn’t slide down enough to transition to a move and I ended up falling out of it – not an actual fall, but coming to floor out of a move that I was not planning on! It didn’t hit me until I landed what had happened, so I had to quickly scramble to figure out what I was going to do to fill the time until my next spin pass, and it was the most basic, blah little spin pass ever. I’m so frustrated that I didn’t do better – the top 10 out of 24 won their pro status, and I was 11th – and I wish I could have had a better showing in my first New York competition.


The interesting part is that a few weeks after the competition, I received an email from Wendy Traskos, the organizer of USPDF, inviting me to accept my pro card upon reconsideration of my performance. Of course, I accepted! I’m not sure why I was extended this opportunity, but my guess is that the compulsory scores were accidentally left out of the calculations on the night of the competition. Our scores were posted publicly the next day, and there were just the three judges’ scores, with no compulsory. I assumed they had been averaged in and thought nothing of it, but when we got our full breakdown of scores (which is seriously the best thing ever: I LOVE that about this competition!), it had our compulsory scores. The cool thing about our score breakdowns is it shows our scores compared to the average of everyone else’s scores, so I could see that I received full points for every compulsory move while not everyone else did.


I know I made sure to do every compulsory move correctly and hold it for the required length of time, but I knew that I also didn’t have a very good performance overall, so I was not surprised with my placement. Either way, I am very thankful for the opportunity to submit next spring for the pro competition, and I plan to work my ass off to a) get in, and b) have an awesome performance!

Below is the video from the competition, which I can hardly watch I cringe so badly at my spin pass mistake (at 1:27 :( ). I know I need to improve my back flexibility, as evident in my closed outside leg hang, but I’m pretty proud of that much!

I posted this video in the showcase post, but I did this same routine (minus the closed outside leg hang) again a few weeks ago, mainly to prove to myself that I could do that silly elbow hold combo. No problems this time, thank goodness!

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